Video & Audio Transfer

Video Tape Transfer


Do you have video and audio cassettes you need to transfer to CD, hard drive, your smart phone, or the web? Modern Video Services offers the best home video and audio transfer service in the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas.  We do so by providing a knowledgeable staff supported by great equipment.  And we only charge per minute of video or audio that is actually transferred. No bracket pricing or minimum orders.

Our technicians take special care when handling all your home media.  There are no extra charges for odd formats because if we can transfer it, the cost is only $0.25 a minute plus the cost of the final media.


Like everything electronic, video tapes have a lifespan. Repeatedly playing the videos or constantly recording over them can diminish their lifespan greatly. But, just sitting on a shelf can also diminish the time left to save those precious memories. Now, in the digital age, video tapes are naturally reaching the end of their natural lifespan which as about 20 years in a perfect, climate controlled environment with no exposure to sun light or being played back.

We only charge for what is transferred with no minimums, so if you only have a one minute tape, we only charge you for one minute. This process saves you money since you only pay for what is transferred not at a flat fixed rate like some other stores do.


So, be the hero in your family and transfer your VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV, MiniDVD,  and other video tapes you may have to DVD, hard drive, your phone, or the cloud today!