Services and Prices

Transfer Video

VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital Hi8, Audio Cassette, MiniDV, DVD, BetaMax, PAL VHS, HDV, MiniDVD

$0.25 / minute

Convert Audio

Audio Cassettes, Voicemail Recordings, Micro-Cassettes

$0.25 / minute

Scan Photos

Photographs and 35mm slides​

$0.25 / image

Digitize Film

8mm and Super 8mm

$2.00 / minute

Disc Duplication

DVDs and CDs

$7.00 / artwork
$5.00 / text
$2.00 / no label

Media Viewing

Choose what you want to keep

$2.00/tape preview
$0.25/kept minute

Cloud Storage

Share your media with friends and family through our personal online storage. 

$6 / month
$60 / year

Digital Editing

Combine, rearrange, or retouch your video, audio, and photos

$60.00 / hour
$1.00 / edit
No minimum

Computer Training

Learn how to better use YOUR computer at home or at our office.

$60.00 / hour
$1.00 / minute
No minimum

CD Ripping

Copy your CD collection into the 21st century

$2.00 / Disc

Slideshow Video

Montages are great ways to look back and share the memories with everyone!

$100 package 1
$200 package 2
$300 package 3

Pick Up & Delivery

Any size orders for one rate.

$15.00 one way
$25.00 round trip

Podcast Recording

Record your video or audio podcast with us

$65.00 / Hour