Slideshow and Video Montage

Our editors are fast, curtious, and knowledgable when it comes to finishing a project on time.  Put them to work for you today!


Now that you have transferred your video, audio, and photos with us, it’s time to edit out those embarrassing moments and put together a great slideshow.

Put all those memories together in one 15 minute presentation complete with moving photos, video clips, and a music soundtrack that captures the mood.

Once you transfer your material, you can go home and review what was done and if anything needs to be removed or polished, give us a quick call or email and we can edit you a new version lickity-split.  You only have to pay for the initial transfer and new editing time, but there is no extra transfer cost to edit the original material.

We also offer editing original material such as multi-camera shoots and hd footage for commercials, independent movies, and corporate functions.


We charge only $60 an hour on a per minute basis.  That means we charge $1 a minute!

Most edits can take about 5 minutes, depending on the complexity of the edit.  How can we do this, you might ask?

Our massively brainiac engineers have designed a system that tracks our editing process minute by minute.  It pauses when the editor pauses and continues when they start again.  This is a very unique style charging process which allows us to save you money.

Why pay for time you’re not using?