We can teach you how to edit video and photos, upload video to the web, or how to write that recipe book. If it’s on the computer and you have a question about it, come to us. One on one sessions are available during the week and online on weekends. Contact us for a session appointment and get started on taming your digital world!


per hour session

Greetings and welcome to your personal training center @ModVidSer (MODern VIDeo SERvices)

Each session (local and remote) comes with screen recordings and will be available on your own private page for viewing for up to 2 weeks after the session, after which you have the option to keep the video(s) online at our standard cloud storage monthly rate.

You have a two options when it comes to how you receive your training.

Remote Training

Two methods; you view our screen or we view your screen (only with your permission).

Once you have an appointment and it is that time, click the link below to begin your one on one remote training.


Local Training

When you’re ready to meet in person and some quality one on one training session time, just click here to make an appointment.